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What are the benefits of a Wrap?

Colour Change Wrap

For vehicle use a vinyl film will protect the bodywork from stonechips and light abrasion, also the OEM paintwork is protected from the daily wear and tear you would usually expect.

When the time comes the wrap can be removed to reveal the OEM paintwork in its former glory.

A vinyl wrap breathes new life into your vehicle, laptop, iphone etc and helps maintain its residual value.

Quite often with vehicle colour changes in particular, the cost of the initial wrap is more than covered by the 'above book' value of the vehicle when you come to sell it.

Commercial Livery & Wraps

A clean vehicle sporting an eye-catching and well-developed livery will promote brand awareness and instill public confidence in a way not possible through other forms of publicity.

On average a commercial vehicle can be seen by 3,000 people every hour and that equates to between eight and 16 million advertising opportunities per year.